Holiday Crafts: Ballerina Ornaments

Snow Queen, Black Swan, Giselle

Snow Queen, Black Swan, Giselle

‘Tis the season for holiday crafts! I’ve started making ballerina ornaments for my friends this year, and thought I’d show you how, too! The images are from my “Kitri” ornament–my inspiration for her tutu and Spanish fan came from what she usually wears in Act I. You’ll need:

  • clothespins
  • white or light pink acrylic paint
  • thick and thin wire (I used gold)
  • Pliers, wire cutters
  • Hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • Light pink satin ribbon
  • Fabric or wide ribbon (color of choice; Red for Kitri, here)
  • Rhinestones, crystals, etc. colors of choice
  • E600 glue (optional)

Glue the clothespins open. Paint them white or pink with acrylic paint; set aside to dry. Cut a length of your thicker gold wire (12″-18″ should do). Start by twisting a small loop; this will be for the hanging ribbon. Wrap a few inches of thin wire tightly around the twist to secure. Form the wire for the “head” and rejoin/twist it at the neck; wrap thin wire to secure this as well. Extend each wire in opposite directions, and use pliers to fold the wire back at the point you want the arms to end; the fold will make her “hands.” Twist the wires together a few times for the “body.” Wrap thin wire tightly diagonally to secure the arms and body in place. with the neck.


Measure against the clothespin to see where the excess wire will need to bend, so that the “body” is centered on the clothespin. Use pliers to bend the wire at the point where it will sit snugly on the clothespin. Apply hot glue to the outside of the now open end of the clothespin, to secure the wire/body. Then, tightly wrap thin wire around it (using glue as needed) to further secure the body to the clothespin.


Once the body is secured to the clothespin, it’s time to put on her “shoes!” Cut 2-3 inches of 1/4 inch wide pink silk ribbon; apply glue to the joined end of the clothespins, and wrap the ribbon rightly around a few times. Cut 1/4 inch of ribbon to cover the bottom of the “shoe” as well. Trim any excess ribbon. Now, to start the skirt: measure a length of fabric or ribbon that will wrap snugly around the clothespin “hips” once or twice. Apply glue to the sides of the clothespin, and wrap the ribbon tightly. Cut 2-3 inches of ribbon, and fold and glue as needed to cover the area where the clothespin and body are joined.


Once she has an “underskirt,” you can start adding layers to the tutu. I cut 1 or 1/2 inch strips of ribbon that already had a ruffle and layered the strips until the skirt was full and flirty! I folded a bit of ribbon for her “fan,” and decorated with rhinestones using E600 glue. Be creative and have fun!


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