Michelle’s Headband


 Meet Michelle! She’s a ballerina at heart and lives and studies in the U.K. It’s awesome for me to have a friend who lives “abroad”- in my imagination, I can hop over the pond and stay on her couch any time I please. I hope that eventually this will not only be the case in my imagination. Thanks for being awesome, Michelle.

What you might notice about Michelle which is also awesome is her headband! I it made for her a couple of years ago. I used pre-made strings of pearls and two pretty pendants, along with black felt and a black hair elastic band.  I glued the ends of the pearl strings to a small square of black felt, along with one end of the black elastic. I covered this with black felt to make the ends look nice and neat. I Then used a small rectangle of black felt to create the “decorative” piece, gluing the two pendants and sewing down a few loose pearls. The initial black rectangle was large enough to then wrap the excess around the pearl strands, making the decoration secured to the pearl bands and comfortable to wear. Glad Michelle shared it with me today so I could share it with you!


Craft Tip: Something I think is important to keep in mind when making any type of hair accessory is how to make it comfortable to wear and easy to put on. If there are wires or beads poking you in the head, you are not going to want to wear it. If it’s difficult to put on or takes a lot of time to secure, it’s also not very effective. I always try to line under-sides of tiaras or decorative elements of headbands with felt or silk ribbons to prevent poking, pulling of hair, and so on. Think about the headbands you see in Anthropologie, for example. The bottom is lined with an adorable patterned fabric that keeps your hair and head happy and contributes to making it a high-quality headband. Then again, everything at Anthro is perfect…so it’s a good standard to aim for!

PS: Michelle is also perfect. But you didn’t hear it from me…




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