Seasons and Swans

The dawn of October brings with it pumpkin flavored pastries, sweatshirts, warm socks, and a rehearsal schedule full enough to cause even me, a sworn tea-drinker, to be spotted sipping a Cafe Mocha. What has this year come to?

That being said, I have no new crafts to share at present, but I would like to show you (finally) something I have been waiting to share. This is one of my first headpieces to be used in a ballet production and lucky me, I was the one wearing it! My senior year of high school I was given the opportunity to perform the Act II Pas de Deux from Swan Lake as my last performance at my home studio (before starting school at Boston Conservatory).

I based it on the headpiece Gillian Murphy wears as Odette in American Ballet Theatre’s Swan Lake (see a clip of her breathtaking dancing here). The DVD release of the wonderful recording of my favorite ballet came out in 2005, and as a young dancer I clung to it, learned every minute of the music and dancing by heart. When given the chance to try it out on a small-scale as a high school senior, I wanted to make my performance as close as possible to the video and performers I idolized.

Taken before the show; and yes that is my boyfriend’s nose.

I started out with a floral wire frame. I made the feathers by constructing miniature wire frames and hot-gluing white chiffon on either side of the feather-frame. Making varying sizes and shapes of feathers allowed me to mold them as I desired, gluing them or wiring them in place on the wire base. Naturally, I added many rhinestones (mostly cheap, acrylic ones) and affixed wire loops for hairpins. If I were to make this piece now, I would use stronger wire and higher quality rhinestones, but for its purpose and time in my life, it was perfect.

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