Photo Hanging Line: Tulle Edition

Tulle: a favorite fabric in the ballet and bridal realm. I had an abundant supply of purple tulle leftover from the Lilac Fairy headpiece, and at last found a way to use it in a more practical project. You may have liked the photo hanging line I made for my little sister, which involved painting clothespins, adorning them with handmade magazine paper flowers (also seen in my bridal shower project), and stringing them on a wire. After seeing how much she enjoyed this as a dorm room decoration, I decided to make a simpler version for my own use.

How-To Breakdown


Tulle (~4 yards, 6 in. wide)

Clothespins (I used 7)

Acrylic paint (ivory color)

Large pearls

Small pearls


Silver cord or ribbon

Hot glue gun

1. Paint clothespins; let dry

2. Hot glue pearls and rhinestones on clothespins to decorate.

decorated clothespin

3. String tulle through wire springs of clothespins. TIP: wrap the end of the tulle in tape to easily thread it through. Don’t worry about the spacing of the clothespins yet. Thread through the spring.

Wrap end of tulle in tape

4. Remove the tape from the end of the tulle you have been working with. Fold it around into a loop; add a tiny bit of hot glue to hold in place. Take the silver cord or ribbon and tie a firm knot to secure the loop. You will hang your finished product by these loops in either end of the tulle. Add more hot glue, and wrap the cord or ribbon around several times to create a clean, finished detail.

Tie cord or ribbon to secure tulle loop

Wrap cord around several times, securing with hot glue

5. Slide clothespins along the tulle to desired spacing. I left about 6 inches between each clothespin. Judge how much extra tulle you will need to make a loop at the opposite end, and cut your tulle appropriately. Repeat step #4 on the opposite end.

Enjoy your finished product! Here, my dresser drawers sufficed for a quick demonstration, though I plan to hang mine from wall hooks.

Finished product in action

WIthout pictures


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