Pearl and Ribbon Necklace

At long last, this silky blue ribbon has found its destiny. With the blue ribbon, an ever abundant supply of plastic pearls, toggle clasp, needle, and thread, I set out to string up something pretty.

I started out with a long string of pearls, then connected the ends to form what would have been a single strand necklace. Then, I folded this loop in half, and attached a short, single strand to the left ‘fold’, and affixed half of my toggle clasp directly to the right side of the “fold.” The clasp met at the end of the single strand, creating the asymmetry. Finally, I added the blue ribbon bow. After I took the featured picture, I decided to add a sequin and small pearl to the knot of the bow, just to finish it off.

This could be a great accessory for a bridal party, sorority, or lovely ladies who want to color coordinate. I could see using white ribbons for all bridesmaids and the blue for the bride’s ‘something blue’.

I wore it with a simple white sun dress. Feel free to ask for more How-To detail if you like!


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